About anatany

Only one partner supplying highly valued products from the global to the local

"anatany" was founded in August 2018 with one Japanese and one Turkish. We aim to bring the highly valued, recognised products in the local to the global. There are lots of things which are highly valued and recognised in the local, but aren't recognised in the global. We have started to bring highly valued things from Turkey to Japan.

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Chief Executive Officer | Founder

He finished his bachelor degree in Turkolog at University. When he was at university, he experienced the internship related to marketing research in Turkey. After graduating from university, he made lots of efforts as IT Consultant in a consulting firm. In August 2018, he founded "anatany" and became the CEO.
He speaks Japanese, Turkish, English, and Chinese.

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Chief Operating Officer | Co-founder

He finished his master degree in Industrial Engineering at University. After graduating form university, he made lots of efforts as IT Consultant, especially in SAP. After experiencing lots of projects in some companies, he moved to a consulting firm and worked as IT Consultant. In August 2018, he co-founded "anatany" and became the COO.
He speaks Turkish, Japanese, and English.

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